Three-Season Sunrooms

Patio Enclosures for Three Seasons, The DreamspacE 300

Looking for additional leisure space for just three seasons? Look no further than our 3-Season DreamspacE® 300 Patio Enclosures and Sunrooms! Our non-thermally broken patio enclosures and sunrooms are the perfect solution for enhanced leisure space and comfort during three seasons of the year!


Patio Enclosure and Sunroom Sizes

Choose from one of six marquee and nine Cathedral style rooms or customize your DreamspacE® 300 Patio Enclosure and Sunroom to the exact size and options that fit your budget.


Marquee Style Patio Enclosure and Sunroom


Marquee Styles

    Marquee Style DreamspacE® 300 Patio Enclosures feature a roof design that slopes from the house wall. Also called shed, or straight eave styles, the Marquee DreamspacE® 300 Patio Enclosure will complement most any home’s architecture.


Cathedral Styles

Cathedral style DreamspacE® 300 Patio Enclosures feature vaulted ceilings and glass transoms, providing an abundance of light and openness.

Cathedral Style Patio Enclosure and Sunroom

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