Frequently Asked Questions

What is a DreamspacE® Patio Enclosure and Sunroom?
The DreamspacE® 3200 Patio Enclosure and Sunroom is a combination of vinyl windows insulated wall panels, thermally broken aluminum extrusions and an optional insulated floor system.

Are DreamspacE® Patio Enclosures and Sunrooms custom made?
Each DreamspacE® Patio Enclosure and Sunroom is custom made to your size and specifications, with a choice of window, wall, glass, roof, and door options. The DreamspacE® Patio Enclosure and Sunroom also is available in standard sizes.

How long will the installation take?
Depending on site preparation and size the average sunroom is completed in 3 to 5 days.

Can the DreamspacE® Patio Enclosure and Sunroom be used all year long?
Yes, the DreamspacE® Patio Enclosure and Sunroom can be used all year long when heated properly by an appropriate heat source for the size of the sunroom. A DreamspacE® 3 season room is also available.

Does the DreamspacE® Patio Enclosure and Sunroom offer sliding or entry doors?
The DreamspacE Patio Enclosure and Sunroom offers a 5′ & 6′ sliding patio door as well as a 3′ and 6′ swing in entry door.

What style of windows are included with the DreamspacE® Patio Enclosure and Sunroom?
The DreamspacE® 3200 Patio Enclosure and Sunroomincludes its exclusive slider window made especially for the enclosure system. Other window styles are available such as double hungs, casements, awnings, picture window, bay window, trapezoid and transoms.

Can the DreamspacE® Patio Enclosure and Sunroom be installed on an existing deck or patio?
In most cases existing decks do not meet the necessary load requirements for construction and installation of an enclosure. Concrete patios are not footed, and sloped for water drainage requiring a new pad with a footer below the frost line. Check with your local building official for your specific circumstances.

Is it necessary to acquire a building permit?
Yes, it is your best interest to apply for a building permit anytime you engage in any construction project on your home. Permits are designed to make sure that your construction project meets all of the building codes in your area. It will also aid in peace of mind knowing that your project will be inspected to make sure all of the code is being followed on your project.

How much does the DreamspacE® Patio Enclosure and Sunroom cost?
The cost of a DreamspacE® Patio Enclosure and Sunroom depends on the size and options. However, in most cases it is less than a conventional stick built room addition.

Where can the DreamspacE® Patio Enclosure and Sunroom be purchased?
The DreamspacE® Patio Enclosure and Sunroom can be purchased from any one of the authorized DreamspacE® dealers in your area. Contact us to be find a dealer in your area.