Patio Enclosures and Sunrooms Built to Perform

Your new, energy-efficient all-season DreamspacE® features a three-inch thick wall system with thermally-enhanced structural frames for added strength and durability. In addition, the three-inch roof system with Aluminum I-Beam Roof Mullions is thermally-enhanced to inhibit the transfer of heat and cold, enabling you to utilize your new DreamspacE® throughout the year.

You will also enjoy advanced features with the Slider Window System, including Removable Track Liners for easy cleaning and Warm-Edge Technology, which reduces condensation and seal failures, making your new DreamspacE® a comfortable space for all your family activities.



Wall System Features


3″ Wall System with embossed white aluminum interior and exterior
Thermally-broken, aluminum structural frame members for strength, durability and years of energy efficient performance
Thermocore Expanded Polystyrene Insulation
Max Glass for maximum viewing area
Radius Corner Posts




Roof System Features

 3″ Insulating Roof System
Aluminum I-Beam Roof Mullions are thermally-broken to inhibit the transfer of heat and cold
Thermocore Insulating Panels provide excellent soundproofing and an insulating value of R-19 for your comfort
Fascia Trim for a clean, finished appearance*
Cathedral or Marquee styles
 *Optional extruded integral gutter system is available.



Sliding Window System Features

 • Solid Vinyl Construction for energy efficiency
 • Fusion-Welded Frames and Sashes for strength
 • Dual-Pane 13/16″ Insulating Glass
 • PPG Intercept® Warm-Edge Technology reduces condensation and seal failures
 • Self-aligning, Dual Tandem Brass Rollers glide along a monorail track for smooth, easy operation
 • Removable Track Liners for easy cleaning
 • Full Screens
 • Designed specifically for the DS3200 Enclosure



Patio Door Features

 •   Fully-welded construction for rigid, long-lasting performance
 •  Monorail Track Design and Anti-Racking System allows door to glide smoothly
 • Superior Wedging Interlock increases security and reduces air infiltration
 •  External Key Lock
 • Dual-Point Grappling Hook Lock increases security by drawing the sash tight to door frame
 • 13/16″ Insulating Glass with Intercept® Warm-Edge Technology